Take Action

“What Can I do?”

The Green movement is a truly grassroots movement. Our local groups are growing from coast to coast, and reaching into every corner of this country, but every movement always starts with just one step. We invite you to take that step with us.


  • Legislation: Get to know your representatives because their decisions can change your life

  • Events:  Join us at one of our local event and meet up with fellow Greens

  • Volunteer: Sign up to volunteer with us and bring your energy and passion to our movement

  • Donate: Contact us to donate to our activities and mission, we are 100% people-powered!

  • Advocate: Spread the word to your community and help us build the Green Party in Santa Clara

  • Register Green: Register to stand with the Green Party, more registered Greens strengthens our party

  • Run for Office as a Green: Inspired? See the Green’s Guide to Getting on the Ballot

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